Project Development

In charge of an interdisciplinary team of ICC partners, depending on the type of project, and with the support of the technical consultant Cristóbal de la Maza Guzmán, who has outstanding experience in the public sector, having served as Superintendent of the Environment. Likewise, in the private sector, he has successfully accompanied investment projects, especially in the mining industry, defining strategies prior to entering the SEIA, giving support to the process for obtaining favorable environmental qualification resolutions and the protection of such permits against administrative and judicial claims. All the foregoing with an interdisciplinary approach that generates added value and allows to deliver innovative solutions.

  • Development of strategies in relation to project location, administrative, judicial and social legitimacy definitions.
  • Strategic analysis for the feasibility of water supply for investment projects.
  • Strategic design and analysis of socio-environmental feasibility of mining infrastructure routes (mining pipelines, aqueducts and transmission lines, among others) and energy infrastructure routes (transmission lines).
  • Advice on the design of environmental mitigation, remediation and compensation measures, as well as their implementation.
  • Peer review on legal and technical issues in the submission of Environmental Impact Studies and Statements and other related steps.
  • Analysis of feasibility and granting of legal and technical opinion about eventual risks of entering the Environmental Impact Assessment System.