Water Law

In charge of the water specialist partner, Carlos Ciappa Petrescu, with broad experience in the public and private sector. ICC provides strategic and high value-added advice using the tools of water and civil law, as well as the tools of environmental regulation and scientific knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach aimed at conflict prevention, allowing innovative solutions.

  • Actions and steps before the Water Division for the authorization of transfers, changes of intake points and adjustments of water rights.
  • Advice for the formation and operation of water communities −surface and groundwater− canal associations and water surveillance boards.
  • Authorization and regularization of extraction control systems.
  • Actions and steps before the Water Division and the Hydraulic Works Directorate for the approval of works and water course modifications.
  • Advice for the development of desalination and water reuse projects.
  • Processing of compulsory water easements.
  • Due diligence of hydraulic projects and water rights.
  • Preparation of legal reports for the analysis and resolution of complex legal and regulatory situations, conflict of rights and other technical matters.