In charge of the mining specialist partner, Sebastián Campos Aguirre with broad experience in the execution of mining projects in all their phases. ICC provides strategic and high value-added advice combining the tools of mining and civil law with the environmental regulation and technical knowledge of the industry. Our wide experience in the negotiation of contracts in the area as well as in the processing of mining property, easements, titles and permits for the development of large-scale projects, stands out.

  • Obtainment and protection of mining property.
  • Processing of permits and compulsory easements required for the authorization of projects.
  • Advice for the negotiation and preparation of mining operation contracts, option contracts, sales or acquisitions of projects, etc.
  • Legal advice in the financing of mining companies and projects.
  • Due diligence of mining projects and property.
  • Preparation of legal reports for the analysis and resolution of complex legal and regulatory situations, conflict of rights, concessions and other technical matters.