In charge of the partner specialized in environmental law and scholar, Ricardo Irarrázabal Sánchez with outstanding experience in the public, private and university fields, who led the formation of the current environmental institutionalism and judiciary, serving as the first Undersecretary of the Environment and later as Undersecretary of Energy and Mining as well as Vice-Dean of the School of Law of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. ICC provides strategic and high value-added advice, using the tools of environmental, administrative and public law, as well as the tools of environmental scientific knowledge with an interdisciplinary approach oriented to conflict prevention, allowing innovative solutions.

  • Preparation of environmental due diligence for mergers and acquisitions of companies and financing of investment projects.
  • Legal and strategic advice to companies in the preparation of Environmental Impact Studies and Statements and citizen participation, prior to entering the Environmental Impact Assessment System. Analysis of pertinence and mode of entry into the Environmental Impact Assessment System.
  • Legal and strategic advice to companies in the assessment of Environmental Impact Studies and Statements, review of addenda, sectorial permits and citizen participation processes, and with respect to projects that already have environmental qualification resolutions, advice in relation to their assignment and modification, in addition to the follow-up of environmental qualification resolutions and review processes.
  • Specialized advice on sectorial permits, including the planning, processing and obtaining of authorizations and administrative permits necessary for the construction, installation and operation of investment projects, works, equipment, systems, etc.
  • Specialized advice on regulatory processes before the Ministry of the Environment, including standards, prevention and decontamination plans (General Environmental Bases Law), emission reduction standards and certificates (Climate Change Framework Law), declarations of protected areas and classification processes of species and management plans (Law that Creates the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Service) and declarations of urban wetlands.
  • Specialized advice on waste management and application of the Extended Producer Responsibility Law, including support to Management Systems and Managers.
  • Advice on private environmental conservation: real right of conservation, land acquisition, management plans, agreements with communities, etc.
  • Preparation of legal reports for the analysis and resolution of complex legal-environmental and regulatory situations.