Litigation and Dispute Resolution

In charge of the partner specialized in litigation, arbitration and dispute resolution, Ruggero Cozzi Elzo, who has broad experience in this area in the private and public sectors.  ICC assumes the representation and defense of its clients in highly complex legal and technical disputes, either in proceedings before administrative, judicial, arbitral entities, superior courts of justice or special courts.

  • Complex litigation and arbitration related to construction projects and the mining, energy, agribusiness and insurance industries, among others.
  • Administrative and judicial litigation for obtainment of water rights and authorizations.
  • Advice and representation in environmental damage lawsuits.
  • Advice and representation in claims in respect of resolutions from the Committee of Ministers and the Environmental Assessment Service, regarding environmentally assessed projects.
  • Advice and representation in claims regarding sanctioning processes before the Environmental Superintendence.
  • Advice and representation in claims regarding regulatory procedures of the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Sectorial sanctioning procedures and sanitary summary procedures
  • Constitutional litigation
  • Environmental crimes or crimes with an environmental component.
  • Advice and processing of protection remedies.
  • Preparation of reports on litigation strategies and dispute resolution.