Indigenous Law and Communities

In charge of Iván Cheuquelaf Rodríguez, the partner specialized in indigenous law and SEIA (Spanish Initials for Environmental Impact Assessment System), with broad experience in the public, private and trade association sectors, having been Undersecretary of Mining. ICC provides strategic and high value-added advice, using the tools of the indigenous and environmental law, as well as the techniques of community relations, citizen participation, the implementation of ILO Convention 169 and the human environment assessment.

  • Analysis of pertinence and significance in the SEIA in relation to the human environment, participation processes and consultations with indigenous peoples.
  • Strategic analysis of scenarios related to consultation processes with indigenous peoples in general and in the context of environmental assessment of investment projects.
  • Specialized advice on compliance with environmental regulations and the regulation of consultation processes with indigenous peoples, in accordance with ILO Convention 169 and the national legislation.
  • Advice in the negotiation and establishment of agreements or conventions with human groups belonging to indigenous peoples, related to environmental measures or voluntary commitments with the purpose of generating mutual benefits and avoiding conflicts.
  • Specialized advice in the processing and obtaining of permits, authorizations or concessions necessary for the development of investment projects, considering the particularities and requirements that apply to lands, territories and natural resources linked to indigenous peoples.
  • Personalized advice and strategic analysis for senior management related to the implementation of the right to consultation in accordance with the national and international legal framework.